For Vendors

Vendors that need cash can set the maximum discount they would provide to buyers in order to have their invoices paid earlier

Let your customers know you would be paid earlier

PlusAdvance helps you to be paid earlier by your customers: you have only to setup your maximum discount and we select more convenient invoices.

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No intermediaries

You will be paid by your customer directly with no intermediaries and no other contracts to be signed.

No fees

You can always change the maximum discount and we make best selection for you in real time.

Fast & Precise

When you set up your conditions, you know exactly when you will receive cash from your customer.

How does it work?

In the past you had to talk with banks, factors and intermediaries.
Today you can sign up free and ask your customers to be paid earlier.
Easily with PlusAdvance.

Manage invoices

Your customers have already uploaded approved invoices

Review invoices

Pick up freely which invoices you would collect in advance

Set up your discount

Set the maximum discount rate you accept to be paid earlier

Receive cash

If your customer accepts your offer, you will be paid in advance

Customers who are using PlusAdvance

If you are a supplier of one of the following customers, sign up free today! You can immediately start to manage your invoices to be paid earlier.

Are you looking for a customer who is not in this list?